Who are we ?

Rexair: 52 years’ experience in industrial humidity control

Rexair is an international company specializing in dehumidification, humidification, and air dehydration and purification products; we also have a special range of products for swimming pools. We offer high-quality products, designed to function reliably to meet your specific needs: please feel free to contact us 24/24 for technical and commercial solutions.

The Rexair Story

  • 1968: Rexair founded by Office du Froid.
  • 1990s: Change of name instigated by Générale des Eaux – Office du Froid and its Rexair department became Climatis.
  • 1995: Climatis sold by Générale des Eaux to the MCI Group.
  • 1997: MCI transferred the Rexair brand and its activity.
  • 2001: Rexair bought out by Johnson Controls.
  • 2010: Management buyout of Rexair from Johnson Controls.

Our Activity

Over a period of more than 50 years, Rexair has steadily made its name in industrial humidity control.
Our team is standing by to identify the solution to meet your needs, offer guidance, and help you select the best of today’s technology:
*Air Conditioners * Dehumidifiers * Heat Pumps and Heaters for Pools * Humidifiers * Dehydrators * Air Purifiers * Hygrometers

Our experience extends to conducting studies across all sectors.

Who are we ?